The CCE Safety Program begins with every employee’s first day on the job and ends only when every member of our team is home safe and sound from the job site. CCE implements a number of safety initiatives under this program to include regular safety meetings, scheduled and unscheduled safety inspections, incentive programs, and specialized safety training courses. CCE employees are initially provided in-depth training on safe work habits, proper attire and use of PPE, First Aid/ CPR, and Fall protection. This emphasis on safety continues after an employee begins work as potential danger can present itself at any time. On-going risk-management and training consist of daily tool box talks, weekly safety meetings and project or product specific training conducted by the Safety Director and/or the job superintendent.

Our Safety Director is personally involved in developing each Project Safety Plan by performing an analysis of the scope of work and contract to determine the safety concerns specific to that location and project delivery. The resulting safety plan is communicated to all members of the project team. Foremen and superintendents are provided appropriate training as required to mitigate the risk of injury or unsafe conditions. To ensure each project’s safety initiatives are being implemented and followed, the CCE Safety Director operates independently, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, and with full authority to take corrective action or call an all-stop on-site to address any concerns. Safety violations are immediately corrected and coordinated with the job superintendent and foreman for follow up training, or disciplinary action if necessary. Additionally, the Safety Officer regularly meets with client representatives to discuss mutual safety concerns and develop site-specific safe practices to mitigate these concerns.


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